A checklist of ‘must-haves’ for landlords

Regular inspections: To keep your property in excellent shape we ensure that your property is regularly inspected, with a detailed report provided to you following each inspection. 

Regular rental reviews: To ensure you gain maximum returns on your asset, we conduct regular rental reviews to ensure your property is maintained at competitive market levels.

Reliable accounting: Our reliable accounting provides smooth and efficient processes. For tenants, we provide 24/7 phone and internet payment services, and for landlords we provide a direct credit option to promptly transfer rental proceeds into your bank account.

Zero tolerance to rental arrears: To minimise any possible loss to you, we have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to arrears. Should late or unpaid rent occur, we follow up with strict processes in accordance with legislation.

Maintenance: We give immediate attention to all repairs and maintenance matters online or via phone for urgent repairs. Our trusted network of tradespeople are qualified and insured to carry out any maintenance work on your property.

Vacating the home:

Services connection: For tenants, we take some of the stress out of moving house and ensure utilities are connected correctly on time for move in day. 

Why choose us?

Six reasons to choose Smart Property Manager:

1. Extensive tenant screening
By conducting intensive tenant screening, we ensure that the tenant of your property is reliable, financially punctual, and will treat your property with the upmost level of care.

2.    Committed to maximising returns
We will inspect your rental property together with you, and recommend changes to ensure your property has the highest rental yield possible.  

3.    Boutique rental management
We tailor our services to fit your specific needs. 

4.    Constant landlord interaction
By being in constant contact with the landlord, not only is the homeowner well informed at all times about the condition and goings-on of their property, it also means that tenants are able to quickly have any property issues resolved, minimising inconvenience, time, and money for all parties.

5.    Annual rent review with rental market analysis
Be sure about your property’s value, maximum rent return, and comparable rental/selling market with like properties in your immediate area. 

6.    Minimising maintenance costs
Our policy is to personally attend to the property, assess the situation, and provide a reasonable solution to the issue.